The last fight between the two teams, the Heat side Whiteside missed due to injury, Winslow bench, Downs on the inside overwhelming circumstances are vivid. This campaign, Winslow in the defense of Downs is obviously not tall, but this is his defensive mission in the game, the coach's tactical intentions James Reimer Jersey. At the same time, Winslow also has his own strategy to capitalize on his flexibility at the No. 4 position and constantly defend Downs around the competition. He also knew that the Timberwolves would notice that the alignment between them would be an advantage for the Downs offensive, but in fact, his round-robin defense of Downs kept him from reaching the ball, slowing down the Timberwolves' offense Rhythm. The reason why the Rockets want to delegate Zhou Qi Nazem Kadri Jersey, it is because he can not hit the Rockets game, want him to fully exercise in the development league, find the game feeling. In the development of the league game, Zhou Qi through the game and watch the video, clearly the game understanding and feeling deepening. For this reason, he successfully entered the team rotation in the Rockets victory over Nuggets, the audience won 12 minutes, scored 6 points, his playing time and score are career records Ben Smith Jersey. Specific to today's game, the second quarter to 2 minutes and 24 seconds, Warriors player - James Southerland (James Southerland) 45 degrees to the right of the ball to the ball. Prior to this, Salander has hit a three-point shot, Zhou Qi defensive when posted close, while watching the position of Warriors ball Niang, to prevent Niang break the ball, while paying attention to prepare to guard, protect Baskets and grab defensive rebounds Mike Santorelli Jersey.