The Heat scored 19 career-goal three-pointers, and has maintained a lead of about 10 points, is their defense led the attack, the Heat coach Spohr Stella media reporters said to his mind Dave Keon Jersey, "You see Look at them (Timberwolves), they can quickly score points, chase points Andrew Campbell Jersey, when you look at those game video, you look at the records of those scouts, you can only stand in the way, how can you put the team limited to 120 points or less, especially when you see the night before when they played against Orlando James Reimer Jersey. "For the team to limit the Timberwolves' total audience to 100 points today, Spoel coach believes that Winslow vs. Don Sri Lanka's restrictions Darcy Tucker Jersey, the team's energy and the desire for victory on the Timberwolves to do better. In the Serie 113-115 lost to the deer team competition, Zhou Qi debut, but give enough. He did not rely on each other's body after the other defender breakthrough to the inside, so that the other party can calmly do layup or shooting action. There are defensive technical issues here, there are some psychological hints of fear of confrontation inside. That is, initially, Zhou Qi is somewhat afraid of confrontation, but he is now progressing, this is a good thing. The first quarter James sent eight assists, the final harvest of the season's second triple-double. Hornets have a chance to survive last game, James covered Walker one-third, knight clearance. James said after the game: "People always say that we started the defense is poor, but now we are back on track, especially the key to the handling of the ball is improving.