In the face of such stalker defense, Downs in addition to complaining about the referee in the game, nothing can be done. And Winslow seems to be more war Yueyong, both at the offensive and defensive achievements. In an interview with media reporters, Winslow said, "This defense Bruce Boudreau Jersey, knowing that there will be such a match, knowing that I want to match is an All-Star level player .This attitude, the spirit of the will, I Prepared for this game, allowing me to more easily enter the game rhythm. Zhou Qi found Niang did not mean passing, immediately contracting the basket Nikita Zaitsev Jersey, disturbing Niang layup at the same time, grabbed a defensive rebound. Zhou Qi In this round, the defensive target of the defensive, the game has done a very good reading. This shows Zhou Qi to achieve the purpose of decentralization. Feel the unstoppable, the second section Curley 10 7 scored 26 points, nearly 5 seasons 7 single section at least 25 points, the league first. 143 points is the Warriors team scoring high this season Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey Cheap, nearly 4 seasons they have seven 40 + victory. Section 2 Curry 26:21 Bulls, Section Thompson 15 to 13 Bulls Colton Orr Jersey... ... Bull: Please, the game experience is too bad now.