I think such a defense P.A. Parenteau Jersey, I know there will be such a match, I know the match is an All-Star level player. This attitude, spiritual will, I prepared for this game, allowing me to more easily enter the game rhythm. Offensive, the implementation of a good offensive plan, do not think about other things, get the ball handle well Auston Matthews Jersey. I think it clearly helps defensively to get me better paced. Zhou Qi this ball did not hit, mainly because in the confrontation process Zach Hyman Jersey, the body lost its center of gravity, leading to deformation of technical action, but he has no problem with the pace, no problem handling, the ball must be hit. Because he was already in the basket, forming a one-on-one opportunity, did not face any double-team, even if he can not hit, you can also grab the offensive rebound to complete the second attack. This from another point of view Grant Fuhr Jersey, Zhou Qi's game feel better and better. Damian - Lillard (Trail Blazers): 19 of 10, three points 6 4, free throws 11 of 10,34 points, 4 rebounds and 9 assists and 1 steal 1 block. The vegetarian Lillard still bloodthirsty on the court. More rare is that Lillard lead by example, the Blazers this season, a huge increase in defense, everyone watched Lillard's investment in defense, how would not follow the old university.